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Wristband Interactive TM - mobilize your playbook 

  • Ready to increase your offense's rhythm and efficiency? 
  • Ready to create havoc on the opposing defense? 
  • Ready to win those close games? 

Wristband InteractiveTM is an online tool that allows you to "mobilize your playbook".   With Wristband InteractiveTM, select from hundreds of plays in our online library.  Pick the 8 best plays for your wristband (upcoming opponent) and then print for your entire team.  Change your plays at anytime and print again!  Our online library of plays accommodates 4,5,6,7, 8 and 11 man leagues.   

With Wristband InteractiveTM:

Improve communication with teammates  
Access our online library of plays
Run the hurry up, no huddle offense
Print for your entire team
Change your plays anytime
Use for any size wristband
Audible from the line of scrimmage                 
Reduce explanations in the huddle
Mobilize your playbook
Win the close games!

We have plays for flag and tackle football.  Select from hundreds of run and pass plays, basic and trick plays and short and long yardage plays.  Whether you are a coach or player, youth or adult, Wristband Interactive (TM) will improve your performance!   


Approximately 68% of a football game is spent in the huddle (or in transition from play to play).  If you are behind, and can't afford to huddle, you will love this tool.

Wristband Interactive is not only for a hurry up offense, however.  It also helps you to stay organized, reduce chatter in the huddle, catch the opposing defense off-guard and easily illustrate everyone's exact assignment.  Effective communication, in any team sport, is a critical component for success.  Let us show you why Wristband Interactive wins games.

Wristband Tips:  All key players should have a wristband, not just the quarterback!      When calling a play at the line of scrimmage, make the last number of the play the "real number".  "Red 337" would be play # 7 on the wristband.  "Blue 12" would be play # 2 on the wristband.  Throwing in decoys will help keep the defense honest!  If you add an "F" on the end an audible ("black 242 F"), that's means it's play # 2, but flipped.  In other words, everyone runs their same route, but on the opposite side of the field.  For example, a wide out running an "out and up" on the right side of the field  would instead run an "out and up" on the left side of the field. 

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