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Flag Football Drills

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Chase by TPBFF

Purpose: A flag football drill to develop running skills and avoid having the flag pulled.

Organization: Set out a 40 x 40-yard area. Place cones 2 yards apart to simulate a mini-end zone. Recommended for six pairs of players, the maximum number of kids is 20. If cones are not available, marks on the ground or floor, t-shirts, or tape can be used. Balls are optional.

Drill Outline:

* Pair players up - one as a RB and one as a DB. The DB is in back of the RB and chasing the RB from behind.
* RB's should carry a football (if available).
* Each RB starts off on the end line at either side of the playing area.
* The DBs start 5 yards behind the RBs.
* On the coach's whistle, the RBs attempt to cross through the mini-end zones without getting their flags pulled by the pursuing DBs.
* The DB must chase the RB.
* Both flags are pulled, RB is out. If one flag pulled, the RB keeps going.
* Any end zone can be crossed and there is no order in which the end zones have to be crossed.
* The drill lasts 45 seconds and then you switch RB's to DB and DB's to RB.

Progression: Shorten time to 30 seconds.

Coaching Points:

* RBs run plays with their heads up.
* DB watches the movement of RB's hips, not his/her head or shoulders.

Article Source: Sports Practice Drills

QB Toss by TPBFF

A flag football drill for tossing to the running back.

Purpose: To develop proper tosses or pitches.

Organization: Set out a 20 x 20-yard area. Divide teams into even groups and place players opposite each other across the line about 5 yards apart. Players on Team A are the quarterbacks. The players on the B team are running backs. They will switch positions after each turn. Footballs for each pair are recommended and the entire class can participate if space permits.

Drill Outline:

* The QBs will have their backs to the RBs.
* The first several practices, the instructor will call the cadence, "SET GO." The instructor will then choose a QB to call out the cadence.
* Each QB holds the football in front of them with their knees bent and their feet apart.
* On the QB's "SET GO" the RB moves to the right to take the pitch from the QB at a distance of 3-5 yards.
* The first time through the drill, have players move in slow motion to get the feel of the drill.
* Switch positions; the QBs are now RBs and vice versa.
* The players now run half speed through the drill to the left.
* The players switch positions again and run through the drill at full speed.

Coaching Points:

* The QB will look at the stomach area of the RB when making the pitch it to that area.

Article Source: Sports Practice Drills

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